Bayesian networks and influence diagrams

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General information

Association for Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (AUAI)
It organizes the annual Conference on Uncertainty in AI. Its WWW server contains many interesting documents.

Bayesian networks
Excellent pages, compiled by Eugene Santos and coworkers at the AFIT.

Redes bayesianas
Sources of information in Spanish, by Javier Díez.


Software for manipulating belief networks
Software for learning belief networks from data
Two excellent pages, compiled by Russell Almond. Unfortunatelly, some of their links are outdated (they were last modified in 1996).

Bayesian networks tools
Some tools and packages for different platforms. (At the AFIT site)

Free Bayesian Network Packages
Free and demo software. (Kevin P. Murphy)
Decision Analysis Software Survey
Description of several commercial packages, some of which are able to deal with influence diagrams.
Bayesian network repository
A collection of Bayesian networks expressed in the most common formats. Very interesting. (Mantained by Nir Friedman)

Distribution lists

Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence
Created by Bruce D'Ambrosio in September 1994. Closely related to the Association for Uncertainty in AI. The few messages it sends are usually quite interesting. Any researcher interested in Bayesian networks must join this list.
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--Body of the message: subscribe uai [your_e-mail_address]

Artificial Intelligence and Statistics
Created (in January 1994) and moderated by Doug Fisher, who sends a digest every three or four weeks. Very interesting.
--To subscribe, send a message to:
--Body of the message: subscribe ai-stats [your_e-mail_address]

Bayes news
It deals more with Bayesian statistics than with Bayesian networks.
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People (personal WWW pages)

Home Pages of the UAI Community
Individual home pages of over 100 researchers, in alphabetical order. (At the AUAI site)

Bayesian Statistics Personal Web Pages
More or less a superset of the former: about 200 researchers. (Mantained by David Madigan)

Home Pages for UAI Related Companies and Research Groups
(At the AUAI site)


Introductory material and examples (on-line references, compiled by Javier Díez)

AUAI tutorials and papers on inference, learning, model construction, causality, etc.

Proceedings of the Conferences on UAI (information at the AUAI site)
Electronic proceedings (at the DSL, Univ. Pittsburgh)

Lists of bibliographical references If you are looking for a specific paper, try its author's personal WWW pages.
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